RaceWise History


The RaceWise Dirt Track Chassis school is owned and operated by Mark Bush, co-founder of AFCO Racing Products. Mark's ongoing racing experience includes over thirty years of designing, building, testing and developing race car suspensions and components. Mark is regularly consulted by both chassis builders and racers, from dirt track to NASCAR, for his technological expertise. Mark authors most of the technical information provided by AFCO and provides select suspension articles for various racing publications.  

The roots of the RaceWise Dirt Track Chassis School go back to 1984 although the school was officially named "RaceWise" in 2002 to distinguish it from others. The school has helped thousands of racers, from hobbyist to World 100 winners, improve their racing knowledge & skills. Students from almost every state plus Canada, England, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa and the Netherlands have benefited from the three day school.



Special Thanks
...to RaceWise students for your participation and for your input in helping to make RaceWise the school of choice for racers that want to learn how to go faster.

For specific questions regarding the RaceWise program contents, please call Mark Bush at: 812-459-2222
To sign-up for a RaceWise school or for questions other than listed above, please call the school's hosts (listed under "Dates and Locations").