Mark Bush – Main Speaker

The RaceWise philosophy is simple: We believe you can’t fix or improve something (including racecars) unless you know how it works first. At the RaceWise Dirt Track Chassis School, students learn how suspensions actually work and how tires make side and forward bite. This foundation of knowledge enables students to learn not only WHAT to do to improve handling and tire performance, but, more importantly, they come to understand WHY! The knowledge we provide takes the mysteries out of chassis set-up and tuning and eliminates guesswork and misunderstandings that are so common for most racers.

Our mission at the RaceWise Dirt Track Chassis School is simple: help racers of late model, modified, and street stock-type dirt racecars improve their racing program. We provide help through education. There is no making up for a lack of racing knowledge given today’s level of competition. Winning takes making the right decisions in the shop and at the racetrack, no matter how good one’s equipment might be. RaceWise provides the technical understanding of suspension and tire performance that racers must have in order to make “no guesswork” decisions regarding chassis setup, handling analysis and adjustments to the racecar and to the driver’s techniques.

All critical aspects of chassis set-up, tuning, and tires are covered in an easy-to-learn, step-by-step, organized, racer-friendly manner.

Late Models – Modifieds – Street Stocks

  • Three days classroom: 8:30am to 5:00pm
  • Nightly Activities and Guest Speakers: See Event Schedule under Dates & Locations tab for details
  • Optional 1-Day Front Suspension Geometry School

Main Focus

As previously stated, the RaceWise program is based on a simple philosophy: You can’t fix or improve something until you know how it works. So, RaceWise students learn:

  1. How tires and suspensions actually work
  2. What actually determines how a race car handles
  3. How to determine:
    • What adjustments to make
    • When to make adjustments
    • How much adjustment to make
    • What set-ups and suspensions work best on various track conditions/types
  4. Why chassis adjustments affect handling
  5. How to adjust driving techniques for various track conditions and how to analyze driver performance


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The school’s subject matter is comprehensive, well-organized and is presented in a student-friendly manner. Students follow the Racewise Chassis School Manual, which includes over 150 pages of illustrations, guides, diagrams and chassis tuning tips that many consider “The Bible” of dirt track racing. Note-taking is minimal, so students can watch, listen and learn with their full attention. The manual is updated every year to provide RaceWise students with the latest information. Special teaching aids (see TEACHING AIDS SECTION) are used to help students learn how suspensions and tires actually work.  Some of the topics covered in the school include:

  • Driver / crew communications
  • Driver types / evaluation
  • Tire performance / selection / modifications
  • Weight distribution / ballast location / wedge adjustments
  • Weight transfer / body roll
  • Spring selection and tuning, tall vs short springs
  • Shock selection and tuning
  • Spring and shock positioning
  • Front to rear track alignment, track widths
  • Rear suspension analysis / tuning (all types of popular dirt track suspensions).
    Includes: Roll steer, drive angles, birdcage indexing / effects, trailing arm toe, panhard devices, lift and pull bars, 6th coils, damper shocks, stacked, 2 and 3 step spring arrangements, 5th coils and shocks, spring/shock locations, travel limiters and more.
  • Roll center locations / tuning
  • Front suspension setup and tuning
  • Latest tuning tips, setups, and parts
  • Maintenance and set-up procedures
  • Bump stops & spring rubbers
  • Spring preloads, extended loads, dynamic loads

The RaceWise program is continually fine-tuned to provide students at all knowledge levels with the latest information. Information is presented in a manner that enables easy learning and retention. Some of the teaching aids used to help students learn will include:

  • Over 100 screen projections
  • Videos
  • Special fixtures and simulators
  • Actual suspensions
  • Various chassis components
  • Suspension geometry software

PLUS: The Bible of Dirt Track Racing

Students follow classroom instructions using the latest RaceWise class handbook & tuning manual.

  • Over 150 pages
  • Includes diagrams, illustrations, charts, and tuning guides
  • Developed for class and race track use
  • Minimizes note-taking
  • Improves retention / attention levels
  • Covers all class subjects
  • Includes the latest tire information (Hoosier and American Racer)
  • Available to current RaceWise students only!